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Welcome to MAC Surgical For over 25 years, MAC Surgical has provided high quality service to hospitals, surgeons and multi-nationals. We are a one stop shop for the supply, repair, design and manufacture of the finest surgical instruments, implants and tools.
MAC Surgical Online Catalogue MAC Surgical can not only manufacture, design and repair but now also supply a vast range of surgical instruments sourced from the finest quality German manufacturers.  
ISO accreditation ISO 13485 MAC Surgical has gained ISO 13485 accreditation. ISO 13485 was published in 2003 and represents the requirements for a comprehensive management system for the design and manufacture of medical devices. .
Service and Repairs Service & Repairs MAC Surgical’s premises are equipped to repair and service a multitude of surgical equipment and instruments. MAC specialises in the testing and repair of medical hose and the general service and sharpening of surgical implements. .
Products Products MAC Surgical’s product line has been developed in line with industry best practice and ISO 13485 standards, helping to achieve the best possible patient outcome.

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MAC Surgical is proud to present our Online Surgical Instrument and Equipment Catalogue.

We can supply a vast range of instruments from the finest German manufacturers at highly competitive prices.

'Take a browse of our catalogue and contact us for any further information.

MAC Surgical, for local supply, design and manufacture of World Class surgical instruments and equipment.


Current Specials

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Arthroscopy electrode

  Use resources efficiently - with reusable bipolar Arthec electrodes designed for arthroscopic applications with saline solution.  
Precise bipolar technology
The specific arrangement of the bipolar electrodes...

Claris Non-stick Forceps

No sticking of coagulated tissue!
During the coagulation of tissue the coagulated tissue might stick to the tip of the forceps. This undesirable effect can almost completely be avoided...


Precise bipolar technology
The specific arrangement of the bipolar electrodes results in the smooth and efficient removal of cartilage tissue in saline solution.
The current flow...


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  • About Us Founded in 1984, MAC Surgical is an independently owned and operated Australian company...
  • Surgical Instruments Supply MAC Surgical can supply a vast range of surgical instruments sourced from the finest quality...
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ISO Certification


Colour code/mark your instruments with a permanent colour ring or your logo !

Autoclavable , nontoxic ,clean and presentable .
Choice of 10 colours - Contact us for a quote

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    Arthroscopy Pump
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    Traction System
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